Post Surgery Rehab

Dr. Scott Dixon and the staff at Integrative Physical Therapy take their Post-Surgical Rehab seriously. Surgery normally means invasive procedures and the patient then needing great and careful care so that they may experience the fullest recovery possible. In many cases, post-surgical rehab will get more progressively intense and take several appointments until the patient reaches a certain point where they are able to recover more rapidly.

For example, in many cases, the goal is regaining range of motion in joints or strengthening muscles. Properly performed physical therapy can keep you on track to meeting your expected recovery goal, sometimes even exceeding those time frame expectations depending on the level of care/treatments needed.

Physical Therapy is normally divided into two phases. At first, therapy can be slow as the patient immediately after surgery typically experiences swelling, greater pain and immobilization. Next, the key will be getting the patient ready to improve mobility, increase exercising and in most cases work on range of motion. Strength will come back gradually as therapy progresses through each stage of the process. Obviously, the goal then is to get the patient back to the level of strength they had pre-surgery/pre-injury.

Therapy can vary per patient. Some of these therapies can be:

  • Ice, heat and electric stimulation.
  • Various exercises to strengthen muscles and increase range of motion
  • Balance exercises will be key for most patients
  • Posture and coordination training
  • Manual therapy techniques
  • Self-care work, stretching and training
  • Home therapy like exercises and proper diet
Post Surgery Rehab for the Atlanta – Norcross, GA Communities