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Patient Results

  • My name is Dustin Ware and I play professional basketball in Europe. I was referred to Scott Dixon through a friend after I had a hamstring injury that cost me over 2 months of my previous season. A big part of the problem was that the doctors and trainers for my team were not giving the proper treatment to my injury for it to heal and get stronger. Since I have been working with Scott we have been doing a lot of dry needling therapy, functional strengthening, balance and flexibility work for the majority of the summer. It has all helped me tremendously and gotten my body and muscles back on track so that my body can perform at a high level again. Scott is very knowledgable and easy to communicate with and has been a great help to me.


  • Dr. Scott provides the unique combination of knowledge, professionalism, and personality while treating patients with the most innovative and precise techniques in physical therapy. Whether you are an athlete or not, Dr. Scott is the right choice in physical therapy.

    After working with Dr. Scott, I feel 5 years younger.  His innovative techniques and anatomical knowledge proves second to none as he had me back on the basketball court quickly and painlessly. As a professional basketball player, I do not trust anyone else to get me the relief I need to endure another relentless season.


  • For ten years I suffered with horrible back pain. I tried many different therapies with no success. Then I found Dr. Scott, he literally gave me my life back!  The dry-needling he performed released whatever it was that was causing my back pain. I tell my friends he’s the “magic man”.  I’m forever grateful.


  • I’M HEALED….I have been treated by others for leg and hip pain and Scott was the only one to give me relief. Thanks! for your diligence!

    Dan Scheidt

  • Hello my name is Andrew Fisher. I went to see Dr. Scott for the first time last week with knee pain of 8 out of 10. I was struggling with my day to day activities and was in constant pain. I went to many doctors after I got out of the Army for my knee pain and no one could figure out what to do to help the pain. I’ve finally found the answer.  After just one visit, I came back with a pain of 1 out of 10 and felt better than ever. I wasn’t in constant pain and my daily activities seemed much more doable. I would highly recommend Dr. Scotts services to anyone in pain!

    Andrew Fisher

  • Both Emma and I are appreciative of the fine work you have done to help Emma lead a better life.

    As seniors we understand how difficult life can be when we’re not able to perform the same functions we once took for granted. Your therapy has helped bridge that gap and made Emma’s ability to function significantly better. As Emma says, “Scott has helped me where other physical trainers have failed.” Needless to say, we intend to continue using your services!


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