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Need Dry Needling PT Services in Jacksonville?

Integrative Physical Therapy’s ability to offer dry needling to patients in Jacksonville is just one way we are able to ease pain and promote healing.

Professional care and dry needling service provided for PT patients in Jacksonville FL

Our specially trained and licensed physical therapists are able to provide this medical technique that is designed to have an immediate impact on pain reduction as well as easing muscle tension and improving mobility.

It has been particularly effective in helping patients suffering from neck pain, back pain, acute or chronic injuries, headaches, tendinitis, muscle spasms, sciatica, muscle strains, hip or knee pain, fibromyalgia, tennis or golfer’s elbow, and overuse injuries, among others.

Also referred to as myofascial trigger point dry needling, the process is conducted using solid filiform needles that are often referred to as acupuncture needles, even though dry needling is not acupuncture.

A technique attributed to Dr. Janet G. Travel, who first wrote about it in her book Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: Trigger Point Manual, the process is described by the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists as “a neurophysiological evidence-based treatment technique that requires effective manual assessment of the neuromuscular system.”

At Integrative Physical Therapy, our dry needling for Jacksonville patients is found to improve pain control, reduce muscle tension, facilitate active rehabilitation and normalize biochemical and electrical dysfunction of motor end plates.

Essentially, this treatment provides an environment that enhances your body’s ability to heal. When combined with traditional physical therapy and our advanced manual therapy practices, it is an effective treatment of most pain-related problems, including easing both acute and chronic pain.

It is also effective in helping athletes overcome delayed onset muscle soreness. Because athletes receiving dry needling in Jacksonville are striving to perform better and faster to meet their personal or team goals, recovering from injuries is an essential factor in helping them get back to training and the sport of their choice as quickly as possible after an injury. Dry needling is helpful in speeding up their recovery time and allowing them to return to their favorite sport each season.

Dry needling targets trigger points on your body to relieve pain. A myofascial trigger point is basically a point where there are multiple contraction knows which are linked to the production of the pain cycle. One of the first physicians to use dry needling as a means of treating trigger points was Czech Dr. Karel Lewit in 1979.

Your Best Choice for Dry Needling in Jacksonville

Many patients in Jacksonville are interested in receiving dry needling therapy but concerned about whether or not it is painful.

For most people, there is little or no discomfort when the needle is inserted. We are experienced and specially trained in this therapy, and strive to make it virtually painless to our patients. However, there are times when people experience what is known as a “twitch response.”

This feels like a quick muscle cramp or ache, and it is normal. Afterwards, for up to 24 or 48 hours, you may experience some muscle soreness. Apply heat or ice as needed and drink lots of fluids to reduce the soreness.

Used in conjunction with our other therapies at Integrative Physical Therapy in Jacksonvilles, dry needling is an effective way to relieve your pain and improve your ability to function.

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