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Back Pain Physical Therapy Treatment in Jacksonville

Back pain remains one of the most common reasons why patients from the Jacksonville area visit Integrative Physical Therapy. It is also the most common reason for people to miss work and cancel scheduled social activities.

Back Pain Physical Therapy Treatment in Jacksonville

It is a sudden attacker, often striking people without warning. It can be the result of years of poor posture, an injury caused by moving objects that are too heavy, or just appear after even a sneeze or an awkward move. Sometimes it is the result of an injury or accident or even a prolonged illness that prohibits normal movement and exercise.

Back pain can also be the result of osteoarthritis or skeletal irregularities.

What is known for sure is that most people will be impacted by serious back pain at least once in their lives.

Back pain can be felt as either a constant muscle ache or a shooting and stabbing pain. Sometimes the pain radiates all the way down your leg; sometimes it makes it almost impossible to stand up straight or to bend over.

If back pain lasts for less than six weeks, it is said to be acute. If it last longer, especially over three months, it becomes chronic.

We Are Back Pain Specialists and We Love What We Do

Physical therapy as delivered by our skilled and licensed physical therapists serving Jacksonville, FL is one of the most effective means of dealing with and eliminating back pain.

Physical therapy is most often prescribed after back pain is diagnosed through MRIs, CT scans, x-rays, bone scans and blood tests. It is a tried and true method of relieving back pain. We use such modalities as heat, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, muscle-release techniques and exercises that occur at our clinic and can be continued at home between visits. These exercises are designed to increase flexibility and strength and improve posture.

We also focus heavily on seeking the root of the back pain so that we can work with you to ensure that it does not reoccur. We stress prevention and management of injuries or disabilities as soon as we relieve the pain and reduce inflammation. Our goal is to quickly restore function and mobility.

We know that back pain has to be solved quickly so that it does not become a lingering problem that adversely affects your quality of life.

Back pain can hit people of all ages and occupations, from young mothers and fathers who find it too painful to reach down and pick up their babies to seniors who may suffer injuries through falls. We go back to the initial problem and work with you to solve it and create a program of exercise that leads to long-term wellness.

At each step of the process, we will discuss our assessment and recommendations for your customized care program. You are a partner in your progress and will have your own role to play between visits to ensure that you continue to gain strength and flexibility.

Integrative Physical Therapy’s staff is dedicated to dealing with the back pain issues of residents in the Jacksonville area and ensuring a high quality of life. Let us help you get back to your normal level of activity quickly and prevent your back pain problems from recurring.

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