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About us

Integrative Physical Therapy is located in Jacksonville and provides one-on-one physical therapy focused on the entire body, not just the site of pain or injury. Our goal is to restore every patient to his or her own fullest potential, to function better and to prevent future injury. Our holistic approach and specialized techniques allow us to provide unparalleled and individualized treatment.

I started Integrative Physical Therapy out of my passion to focus on patient care and treating the person, not just a diagnosis. Just like many new grads, I began my Physical Therapy career at one of the big Physical Therapy companies in Atlanta. I noticed a disconnect between what was being advertised and what was actually happening in the clinics- more patients and less individualized attention.

At Integrative Physical Therapy our approach to  therapy utilizes a range of techniques and assessments. Often, the root cause of pain is from dysfunction or compensation in another part of the body. Utilizing dry needling, manual therapy, and movement screening, there is a gradual progression towards whole body healing and functioning.

Whether you are a serious athlete, a weekend warrior, or just looking for pain-free movement in your daily life, our physical therapists take the time to develop a plan for sustainable outcomes to reach the patient’s goals and achieve a new level of function and performance. In addition to physical therapy, we also offer additional services including nutritional counseling, flexibility, strength training, and general wellness.

We believe our patients should get the most out of each and every visit. Most importantly, we believe that happiness is healing.

Dr. Scott Dixon DPT


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