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One-on-One Physical Therapy

One-on-One Physical Therapy

Our goal is to restore every patient to his or her own fullest potential. Our holistic approach and specialized techniques allow us to provide unparalleled and individualized treatment.


At Integrative Physical Therapy, our approach to physical therapy utilizes a broad range of evidence-based techniques and thorough assessments.
We want to get to the root cause of your symptoms so we can select the best and most effective physical therapy that will reduce your pain and restore your ability to get back to your normal level of activity as quickly as possible.

  • - Determine the source of your pain
  • - Provide many types of therapy options
  • - Tailor your rehabilitation plan

We utilize dry needling, manual therapy and movement screening among other specialties to move your whole body towards healing and enhanced functioning.
Our goal for each patient is to ensure that they get back to living life to their fullest potential as rapidly as is reasonably possible.

  • - Better functionality
  • - Increased range of motion
  • - Prevent future injury

We take a holistic approach with the latest in science-based techniques to provide unparalleled and customized treatment to every patient that we are privileged to treat.

You don’t need to endure unrelenting pain for days, weeks and months.

In addition to manual and physical therapy, we offer specialized techniques such as dry needling and certain modalities that promote increased flexibility and strength to keep your body from sustaining recurring problems.
Our physical therapists are well-trained, licensed and dedicated to their profession. They treat each patient as an individual and create customized solutions of care. We know that you deserve to live your best life and we will help you accomplish that.

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We are a therapist-owned physical therapy practice.

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